Who would have thought that commercial property needed to adapt itself to become an on-demand product? The days where landlords can dictate 10-20 year leases with yearly hikes to rental fees are becoming prehistoric and unrealistic. As more jobs in the world evolve from being less manual and less space-consuming (i.e. industrial factories, etc) to more technical and skilled-specific (i.e. IT, automation, etc); real estate will need to adapt to the needs of different companies in different stages with different work space requirements to stay relevant and above the red line.

One of the flaws we have identified in the current inner city work space model is operational management of workload. Managing a co-working facility is critical because it is the experience and the extra add-ons that really makes a difference. Understanding fellow competitors makes it clear to us: We all don’t compete for “the best space in the city” anymore. We compete for loyal members.

Above are just two points that stand out from this Co-working Resources article and we couldn’t agree more.

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